Industrial Affiliates Program

The industrial Affiliates Programs (IAP) has been approved by the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences for implementation in the departments of the College. A recent article in "Today's News" of The Chronicle of Higher Education (6/11/2001) titled, "Universities Are Urged to Promote More Research Ties With Industry," based on a report issued by the American Council on Education and the National Alliance of Business, presents a strong incentive for the establishment of an important component of such programs. Many companies have for years participated in IAPs in engineering schools throughout the country and profited immeasurably from this departmental access, which is unavailable by other means. And as Howard University is in that elite category of 88 universities in the nation designated by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a Doctoral/Research Extensive Institution, increased research ties with industry through IAPs can only serve to add strength to this important aspect of University-Industry relationships. The IAPs have two essential purposes. The first is to facilitate the mission of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences through the direct involvement and support by Affiliates in the research and educational programs in the departments. The second is to increase the Affiliates' competitiveness by preferential access to:

  • Students for permanent or part-time hire, internships and career mentoring
  • Research results
  • Educational opportunities and inputs; short courses and workshops and aid in curriculum development
  • Contract R&D opportunities
  • Intellectual property license opportunities

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Howard University is invites your company to become an IAP member. The fee is $10,000 per year. This membership includes the following benifits:

Since each corporation has different objectives, I want to become thoroughly familiar with your company objectives and mission. Order to customize this program to meet your needs concomitant with the education and training of our students. Please the chair in order that we may discuss the IAP more fully. Assisting in this undertaking is Professor Clayton W. Bates, Jr., College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences. You may reach him by e-mail at or by phone at (202) 806-6147. We look forward to hearing from you.


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